Wrap-up of “The Bachelorette”: Katie Thurston Brushed Aside Perceived Rule Breakers

Having watched “The Bachelorette” for three episodes now, I have never been bored. And every Monday as it moves closer to its end, the more interesting it becomes in the house. The episode of July 12, is not an exception.

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Katie Thurston, Image Credit:usmagazine.com

What Made “The Bachelorette” Episode Interesting

The daily kisses without mincing words, could form a Guinness World Record. Mea culpas from contestants regretting their past wrong doing, sometimes in tears, maybe just to look gracious and possibly become Katie’s confidant, had a field day in the show. In addition to the impression and attention seekers, there were also backstabbers. Justin’s eyes, in each of their own way, were another attraction, let alone Hunter, the “cat of nine lives.”

The Take-Off of the Show

The ABC dating competition kicked off this week with Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe as hosts.

Justin Glaze was the lucky one to receive Katie’s first week’s date. Both of them attended a false wedding and carried out all the wedding rites: The formal dressing, the roses, and of course, the exchange of vows. Katie overwhelmed by emotion, recalled her feelings about the absence of her father at her wedding. She went further to reveal how the man she called father was not her biological father. Justin now gaining Katie’s trust, Katie confided in him how she finds it hard to accept her real father into her life, at a time she was still feeling the loss of the one she always knew and called father.

The empathy on their faces was unison and noticeable. Both Justin and Katie showed that emotional grief and pain running through them simultaneously. For a change, they gallantly ended the night with a concert which won Justin a rose.

Hunter, the Phenomenon and Man of the Show

Hunter is one man anyone who watched the episode of July 12, would develop a soft spot for. Not because of any other thing other than his resilience, poised despite what I may term his unfair persecutors in the house.

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The group date was hosted by two drag queens and former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestants Monét X Change and Shea Couleé. Their presence was to teach the men in the house how to be nice with their peers expecting peace and harmony to reign in the house. But that effort proved futile as reflected by the questions asked intended to keep the men talking. Hunter again became their target and scapegoat for all accusations heaped on him. His peers claimed he was a liar and manipulator. Why not, they also referred to him Hunter as the “Bachelor Historian” in the house. What seemed like Hunter’s familiarity with the franchise which was supposed to earn him some accolade, in his case, it was all the opposite, positioning him the more at loggerhead with his peers and his hate in the house reaching a crescendo/climax.

Just like Joseph’s dreams made him more enemies, Hunter’s prediction of Katie’s “top four” list, according to him (Hunter, Connor Brennan, Greg Grippo, and Justin) and placing his name as first on the list was another unforgiven crime.

The hostility in the house enkindled when Aaron Clancy, Tré Cooper, and James Bonsall met with Katie on their one-on-one meeting later that evening. Katie fell ill shortly after meeting with Greg, and Andrew Spencer, and had to cancel the cocktail party and no rose was given out.

Hunter kept his cool despite these attacks from all fronts coming from his peers. Hunter kept fighting to the end and not until when Katie herself, intervened one-by-one with Hunter to hear from the horse’s mouth before she finally politely asked him to leave the house. I believe Hunter left the house with his head high without any regret because he fought with dignity till the end when compared to others who left before him.

Connor Brennan Leaving

Cannon had a wonderful time with Katie, but his sin was that his kisses didn’t click enough to keep him in the house. His leaving saw a pail of tears both from Connor and Katie. Katie wished everything had gone smoothly with them which would have also reduced her finding stress. Unfortunately, things went the other way and the goodbye was shedding of tears from both Connor and Katie.



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