We Are All Humans.

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
2 min readMay 17, 2023

The blood that runs through our veins, proves we’re all humans.

My Friend Gregory and I.
My Friend Gregory and I.

The story I’m about to tell involves a man called Gregory who will later become my friend.

How did we meet?

It turns out that Gregory and other school bus drivers frequent the store where I work 9–5.

When I first met Gregory, the greetings were so cordial and took the form of just a simple “good morning”!

Almost identical to the first day, the second day was similar; however, on the third day, Gregory’s magnet burst, and we began discussing a variety of topics.

He told an interesting story from a human perspective that I found quite genuine.

Then, I asked if I could write something about him. Due to his down-to-earth nature, he approved it right away. In return, I took the challenge upon me promising an article about our encounter and interaction.

Now read on. Gregory, my new friend of 70 years, 4 children and 7 grandchildren. He became a widower 3 years ago when he lost his wife, the love of his life.

Interestingly, Gregory had a very successful transportation business with a fleet of passenger buses. He was kind to let me look at the photographs on his phone.

Unfortunately, his transportation business didn’t go well. The business failed. Despite the storm in Gregory’s life, he didn’t allow it to take away his permanent joy and livelihood; as he’s now a happy school bus driver.

Insight into Gregory’s life.

Upon close observation, I discovered that my friend Gregory is a man with a commanding presence and a compassionate heart. Our manners, like smoke, can’t be hidden for too long.

As the saying goes, “Through their fruits you shall know them,” I quickly caught a glimpse of the kind of stock my friend Gregory is made of.

Luckily, I did know him by his fruits through his impeccable manner and smile. He’s a charm to behold!

His look and disposition say it all. In addition to his electrifying smile, and his down-to-earth simplicity, he quickly captured the subconscious and human side of me. In fact, Gregory demonstrated that human touch and feel the very first day I came into contact with him.

Why was our meeting significant?

Our meeting was quite interesting in many ways. First of all, we live in a world that’s so divided. This mutual suspicion sometimes makes us forget that despite the differences in life, we’re all humans and we need each other irrespective of color or creed.

For that reason, I titled this writeup “We Are All Humans.” Thanks, Gregory, for letting this information out, which I believe will challenge us to examine our characters again about how we treat each other in the future.

Thanks for reading!



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