Ukraine, a Dead-End Path for the US?

Courtesy of the presidential library
Courtesy of the presidential library.

Why This Project Seems Perennial

The nature surrounding the war in Ukraine makes it look endless and puts the engaging partners in an even tighter and uncertain position. The situation is the sequel to putting one’s finger into a monkey’s ass.

The Cost of Safeguarding Ukraine with Its Immediate Neighbors

The US hadn’t and doesn’t have a choice but to extend help to Ukraine’s neighbors, a plan that has been carried out systematically as presented below.

  • Poland $48 million,
  • Moldova $30 million,
  • Romania $10 million,
  • Hungary $9 million, and
  • the Slovak Republic $4 million

The Crisis in Ukraine Is Resulting in Billions of Dollars of US Aid

The U.S.-funded humanitarian organizations are working with host governments to launch cash programs that provide refugees with temporary aid for food, accommodations, and medical care until they can work or receive social support. In addition to counseling, legal assistance, and mental health and psychological support, U.S. partners are providing health support for refugees, including infection prevention and control and sexual and reproductive health assistance, as well as providing safe drinking water, strengthening sanitation infrastructure, and providing refugees with essential household items and shelter materials.

Other Quarters (Who Also Feel Entitled) Are Signaling Their Need for US Help

Why not? After all, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. During a recent interview I watched, the Taiwanese prime minister’s gesture reflected his country’s expectations from the west. The queue-up he’s leading is not unexpected.

Voracious Putin’s Russia Has Sent the Scandinavian Countries Running for Cover

When you see how Finland and Sweden are looking for protection from the EU/NATO nations, they remind one of how little chicks run underneath their moms’ chicken feathers for protection.



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