Trump’s Second Coming. The Impact and Implications on Ukraine and the Global Community.

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
4 min readSep 5, 2023


The scene painted in the sky looks frightening, yet quite intriguing.

In a matter of a few months, the year 2023 will be over. And November 5th, 2024, time for new elections would rush at the door like no one’s business. Why not, Americans of conscience would be having a fit consequent to political tremors under their feet. Thus, possibly shaking the foundation of the country as a whole.

No one needs to ask why. Even those who pretend not to have any political affinity with either party — Democrats or Republicans — or have anything to do with politics, will see the reason for this.

Once again, Donald John Trump may resurface on the scene! Yes, that name, that man many love to hate.

The surprising thing about this man, Trump, is that some say or believe he puts money into their pockets.

Therefore, as a done deal, they like him, and they can overlook his overbearing burdens not minding if he neglects and run the whole world down. That’s not their business as long as he keeps to his “America First or Make America Great Again (MAGA)” slogan.

Others don’t like him from the word go. They hate his guts. He profanes with a bloodied chin and a wide mouth. His tongue lashings on others may be the result of an inconvenient heart.

Up to this point, I have been considering the second appearance of Trump on the scene as it would affect us here in the US. But a little stretch of my imagination overseas, the panorama doesn’t look bright at all.

Where do we want to start? From the African continent where the younger generations are fed up with their western backed leaders who call themselves democrats, but turnout to be puppets of the west? Or with Trump’s closest friend and ally, Putin?

The BRICS, de-dollarization, and the changing of global dynamics.

In the new world economic order, BRICS, led by Putin and Xi Jinping, collaborate on challenging the dominance of the US dollar. They aim to create an alternative convertible currency, asserting that the dollar has crippled many economies.

US sanctions, often imposed on countries seen as adversaries or non-compliant, have exacerbated this situation.

Military coups in Africa which challenges Western interests and democracy.

Meanwhile, in Africa, the younger generation questions why their resource-rich countries remain impoverished despite abundant natural wealth.

In response to the bitter reality of Western-backed democracies offering little or nothing to their citizens, military coups have become a recurring theme in Africa. Mali, Chad, Guinea Conakry, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Niger, and, most recently, Gabon have witnessed these upheavals.

Civilian leaders, often seen as puppets serving Western interests, have failed to address the concerns of their people. This trend extends to former French colonies, where France has exerted significant influence over Francophone African leaders.

The US, Britain, and other European imperial powers have also prioritized economic interests over their professed commitment to human rights.

The approach Trump will take in addressing these external challenges, all of which have vital implications for US interests, remains uncertain in a “Trump’s America First or Maka America Great Again” world.

European and global implications

Trump’s “America First” philosophy could lead to a more isolationist U.S. stance.

In addition to affecting Ukraine, this shift would cause ripple effects across global hotspots. Potential shifts in US international engagement would require international communities to adapt swiftly, reshaping geopolitical relations.

The impact of Trump’s alliance with Russia

One cannot underestimate the seismic implications of a potential Trump-Russia alliance on the Ukrainian conflict. Ukraine’s heavy reliance on Europe and America for military support may face significant challenges if Trump aligns with Russia. The supply lines for training, finances, weapons, and logistical support could be disrupted, leaving Ukraine vulnerable in the face of continued aggression.

Shift in American policy

The potential shift in American policy towards Ukraine under a Trump administration is of critical concern. Ukraine might be placed in a precarious position when compared to other American allies if such a change takes place.

The shift might strain relations with Western and European allies who have invested heavily in the stability and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Balancing act for Ukraine

Ukraine would be faced with a daunting diplomatic tightrope walk. The nation must maintain its vital relationships with Europe and America while potentially accommodating a Trump-Russia alliance.

Achieving this delicate balance would necessitate diplomatic finesse and the exploration of alternative sources of support to safeguard its sovereignty and security.

Geopolitical chessboard

The evolving dynamics within Ukraine will be a mere pawn on a grand geopolitical chessboard. Strategic alliances and diplomatic maneuvering will become paramount in the face of Trump’s policies and Russia’s interests. The international community must engage in careful consideration, not only with regard to Ukraine but also concerning broader geopolitical strategies.

Finally, the prospect of Donald J. Trump’s return to the political arena in 2024 carries profound implications for the ongoing Ukrainian conflict and the world at large.

The impact of a potential alliance with Russia, a shift in American policy, and the ripple effect on global engagement cannot be understated.

As we look toward the future, the world braces itself for a political landscape that could be reshaped by the return of a divisive figure, where each move on the geopolitical chessboard requires careful consideration and strategic planning.

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