The Enigma of Transition: Exploring the Journey Beyond.

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
3 min readAug 20, 2023
Credit Photo to KELLEPICS, Pixabay.
Credit Photo to KELLEPICS, Pixabay.

This writeup is inspired by Linda’s thoughtful article, “Is This What Aging Really Means, Losing All the People You Loved?” describes aging in an emotional, step-by-step manner, capturing the essence of losing loved ones.

Linda adeptly explains the poignant aspects of this natural process, but an enigmatic aspect remains unexplored — the spirit’s journey to the world beyond.

This subject matter resonates profoundly with readers, and the author’s comprehensive exploration of the subject is commendable.

However, let’s explore curiosity even further. Despite the grief that accompanies aging, there is an uncharted path that lies ahead — an exploration of what will be revealed once we close our mortal eyes.

Questioning the Inevitable:

Even though this inquiry might seem radical, it’s important to ask why we often avoid considering our eventual transition.

Humanity’s lack of a voice or vote coming into this world demonstrates our limited understanding of existence, and our lives are shrouded in mystery.

However, if we take a step back from religious and scientific explanations, it will let us look at realism from an open-minded point of view.

The Multifaceted Nature of Existence:

Though religion and science have provided insights, the question remains: how does the spirit go beyond the physical realm? In the same way, it is intriguing not to consider whether the spirit’s transition requires similar consideration to earthly travel.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you might want to argue that the spirit doesn’t have a body. For that reason, understanding how the spirit travels becomes even more crucial under this premise.

Spiritual vs. Practical Preparation:

Don’t get me wrong, I know you might want to argue that the spirit doesn’t have a body. Therefore, understanding how the spirit travels becomes even more crucial under this premise.

Some believe that spiritual preparation alone is enough due to the delicate nature of the journey. Nevertheless, a more holistic approach is needed.

Comparisons should be done side-by-side, especially when done simultaneously. Just as with an earthly journey by air or land, a soul’s journey should be planned with logistics in mind.

A deeper connection to this profound transition can be gained by embracing knowledge and awareness rather than limiting our understanding to the intangible.

Charting the Unknown:

Even though skepticism may arise, knowledge is fundamental to human existence. Our journey of discovery into the transition of the spirit should be no different than explorers who charted the unknown to gain a deeper understanding. We are on a journey of intellectual curiosity that aligns with our very human existence.

Searching for answers:

What is the true route by which the spirit crosses to the world beyond? In light of religious teachings, scientific inquiries, and personal beliefs, it is becoming increasingly urgent to find answers.

If individuals understood this transition, they would approach their final moments with a sense of clarity and preparedness. Furthermore, if humans knew exactly what lay ahead of them over there, they would be more kind to each other.

As a final note, aging is merely one thread in the tapestry of life. Following the aforementioned revelations, let’s explore the mystery of the spirit’s journey beyond death in light of the emotional currents of loss.

By embracing this inquiry, we enrich our human experience by shedding light on a dimension that has long been hidden.

Dear readers, what if we embarked on a journey of understanding, preparing ourselves for the ultimate transition with an enlightened outlook? The ball is in your net.

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