That Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Is Now Measured in km/h or mph.

I do not doubt it. One could see the man’s height and palm-seize the moment the actor punched the comedian!

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
5 min readApr 2, 2022

Comedians’ Mouths Know No Bounds.

Chris Rock is no exception to this rule. Indeed, he did not disappoint his profession!

You see, comedians can cause war between two countries. The toughness they bring to their profession gives them an edge over others; to the point where nothing is too heavy in their mouths to say on stage. The actor punching the comedian seemed comical.

Notwithstanding, the world saw that toughness on Sunday during the Oscar Awards. Even with the slap, Chris Rock continued with his job as if nothing had happened! Could it be true that this was not the first time Chis received a slap? Then he deserves a pat on the back for manly absorbing Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

Will Smith & Mom via Images

Irrespective of What the Joke Was About, the Intent Matters.

No one says Chris should not crack jokes, but their intention matters.

Besides, from what I gathered, the Smith family and Chris are no strangers to each other, but they are like family friends. That’s more reason the crossfire attack or the Oscar clash between the two makes no sense.

Generally speaking, comedians think of everything as a joke and want to make people laugh, no matter how offensive and questionable their marks may be.

Pinkett Smith is a suitable example. How on earth would you want to hurt someone struggling with a medical condition (Alopecia) instead of empathizing with her?

Alopecia causes people to lose their hair, so Chris’s singular act annoyed primarily African American women but also added to their anger since they believed the joke was cold and sarcastic. It made fun of Black women’s hair. But Will Smith’s controversial slap did not help either.

Some of the Ridiculous Remarks I Have Heard Recently About Will Smith’s Oscar Slap on Different Sites.

From how the slap could have killed Chris Rock to becoming a racial issue.

The Complete Guide to Will Smith Slap Takes (

A slap killing someone! Please give me a break! Anyway, that is new to me, or am I missing something? After all, they are not of the same height, which would have been the worst-case scenario.

Oscars: New website measures Chris Rock’s slap speed (

Do not get me wrong; I am not a physician or a medical professional. I am none of the above. While I am aware that Smith’s palm would be proportionately broad given his physical build, height, and strength, the impact on targets might be brutal but not fatal.

*Surprisingly, others look at it from the lens of race, saying that Chris was criticizing a Black woman’s hair as a significant offense that goes beyond not only Jada, but alleging it affects all Black women’s hair.

Will Smith’s Overreaction or Reaction?

While I do not wish to pass judgment, I think Will didn’t do the right thing by slapping a comedian in the middle of his job. And in this case, when he was overseeing the Oscar Awards.

Furthermore, he had several options to express his displeasure with the bad taste and offensive joke by shouting (raising his voice as he did), he could have reached Chris and told him they would meet in court.

How Would This Will Smith-Chris Slap Controversy Affects Smith’s Career?

There will be negative and positive consequences to Will Smith’s actions (private and public).

He defended his wife no matter what the cost. His wife will never forget this; every woman would love that. The downside is that he disappointed his fans, which could negatively affect his career and image.

The Jada Pinkett Smith’s Connection.

Jada Pinkett Smith is one of my favorite women; I like seeing her for no reason. Poor woman, I did not know she was suffering from such a medical condition.

As she wrote on her Instagram profile, “This is a time to heal, and I’m willing to do it,” the statement could not have come at a better time. This reflects how her good character shines through. We all need healing at different times in our lives.

For the “Doubting Thomas’s” Who Maintain that the Slap Was staged or Stage Managed.

The latest news that Will Smith resigned from the Oscar Academy Awards indicates that nothing was staged, so I don’t think it was staged as all those who say it was staged are wrong.

Maybe the slap and some luck on his side caused ticket sales to increase in his Chris Rock comedy show after the Will Smith slap!

The slap was, by all standards, one of high intensity. If measured by the subject’s weight, height, strength, and the wideness of his slapping palm equals a “missile” deployed against the receptor’s jaw. Everyone saw the reaction when it landed on the receiver’s jaw; it was destructive but not fatal, as some people have suggested.

The receptor (his name) must be congratulated for being staunch and loyal to his guests. A man built from heaven, a few inches shorter than the attacker, a man of moderate height. On his side, he had the advantage of being very stable on the floor and remained staunchly with his commitments for the gala night of the Oscars.

Queries to Spectators/Audience

When Smith was leaving his seat and walking toward (Chris Rock) for the slap, what did the audience think that he would give Chris some cookies or candies?

What did Chris think, too, when he stood and stared at Smith walking toward him, knowing that he had said something that did not go down well with Smith? Did he think that Smith was coming to congratulate him? Wrong, wrong.

Stop slapping, and punching, guys; our kids should learn good manners from us.

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