That Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Is Now Measured in km/h or mph.

I do not doubt it. One could see the man’s height and palm-seize the moment the actor punched the comedian!

The three: Will Smith, Jada, and Chris. Photo via

Comedians’ Mouths Know No Bounds.

Will Smith & Mom via Images

Irrespective of What the Joke Was About, the Intent Matters.

Some of the Ridiculous Remarks I Have Heard Recently About Will Smith’s Oscar Slap on Different Sites.

Will Smith’s Overreaction or Reaction?

How Would This Will Smith-Chris Slap Controversy Affects Smith’s Career?

The Jada Pinkett Smith’s Connection.

For the “Doubting Thomas’s” Who Maintain that the Slap Was staged or Stage Managed.

Queries to Spectators/Audience



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