Inhumane Human-to-Human Technological Enslavement.

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
3 min readJun 4, 2023

When the leechees are determined to become overnight billionaires at all costs.

Credit Photo: Adobe Stock.

Credit Photo: Adobe Stock.

No doubt, technology has greatly impacted and transformed the world we live in, making our lives easier, more convenient, and more efficient. However, as we have become increasingly reliant on technology, it has also had unintended consequences, and we have become enslaved to its power.

Smart guys in the tech industries have moved swiftly to take advantage of the situation, making us users of their services the unwilling slaves. Or how else could you explain the fact that we all as sheep or goats to be slaughtered, we line up every day either to change our phones or buy a new one simply because Verizon, T-Mobil, AT&T, Amazon, and others are telling us that our electronic sets have become obsolete and except we upgrade the smartphone, iPad, or whatever electronic gadgets you have won’t be capable to perform smoothly.

In other words, these tech companies are the ones now forcing money out of our pockets to purchase stuff that under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have bought. Is that not crazy how these tech companies make their money from us easily? If this was not modern slavery, how else would it be? But which other choice do we have?

My trip to Europe last summer further proves some of the points mentioned. When I travel outside the US, I always make arrangement with Verizon to use their roaming service.

Thank God for WhatsApp and Mark Zuckerberg (the CEO Of Facebook) who allows WhatsApp’s free use for communicating world-wide, even despite his taking over the company. What a good lad! So, with this in mind I informed Verizon that I won’t need their services at least for that trip.

But guess what, their charges of $10 per day for the 2 weeks I spent overseas was included in my bill for that month I was away. Do you know they vehemently refused to concede despite all effort to let them reason as humans? That’s part of the modern slavery we’re in and I’m referring to.

Credit Photo: Adobe Stock.
Credit Photo: Adobe Stock.

Other ways we have become enslaved to technology:

· Addiction to devices: The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other devices has created an addiction to technology. We are constantly checking our devices for notifications and updates, and it has become difficult to disconnect from the digital world.

· Dependence on social media: Social media has become a central part of our lives, with many people using it for communication, entertainment, and news. However, it has also led to a culture of comparison and competition, where people are constantly seeking validation from likes and followers.

· Over-reliance on automation: Automation has improved efficiency and productivity, but it has also led to a loss of jobs and a lack of critical thinking skills. As we rely more on technology to perform tasks for us, we risk becoming complacent and dependent on machines.

· Loss of privacy: Technology has enabled constant surveillance and monitoring, with companies and governments collecting and analyzing data on our behaviors and preferences. This has led to concerns about privacy and the potential for abuse of power.

· Distraction and loss of focus: The constant barrage of information and notifications has made it difficult to focus on important tasks and activities. This has led to a decrease in productivity and an increase in stress and anxiety.

Final thought, while technology has brought many benefits, it is important to be aware of its potential downsides and to use it mindfully and purposefully.

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