Has Satan Moved His Headquarters to the US?

Photo Credit: stngr-Industrie via Unsplash.
Photo Credit: stngr-Industrie via Unsplash.

This article’s title, nevertheless, may sound obnoxious and even offensive to many. But come to think of it, isn’t it the plain truth that some of the stuff happening in our midst today here in the United States of America often leaves us with our mouths wide open as we ask so many questions without receiving corresponding answers that would make a difference? We end up with monotonous questions like why, why, why?

For some stupid reasons, maybe out of ignorance and influenced by people’s comments about the mysterious and rampant happenings in India (no offense to my Indian friends), I was always thinking that India was the headquarters of Satan.

The catastrophes and magical powers coupled with strange and constant incidents like a river rising and drowning a defenseless town, train accidents in addition to other uncountable endless tragedies, which may go in the form of rituals, made me believe they should be a driving force behind all these disasters — stuff like Satan’s presence, something huge and unusual.

Don’t forget, besides China, India has the world’s largest population. Despite their magical abilities, they belong to many religions and worship many gods. Not in vain, the 20 mysterious places in India as cited in the following linkhttps://traveltriangle.com/blog/mysterious-places-in-india/

Things Are No Longer at Ease in the US

But with what is occurring now in the United States, one can easily see the handwriting on the wall that Satan must have moved his headquarters to the US.

Going through the cruelty and gruesome incidents that have taken place some years back and forcefully still pushing through our present day, they’re a sour taste in the mouth and a heartbroken experience for parents and families who have lost loved ones.

What’s going on in recent times shows that things have gotten out of hand, and we’re in a state of “Things Are No Longer at Ease,” courtesy of the guru novelist Chinua Achebe, of blessed memory, a title of one of his famous novels depicting the violent state in the Nigerian-Biafran war.

Of course, things are no longer at ease all over the United States. Anything can happen at any time, anywhere, and at any moment, and all is summed up as “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

If death can easily kill our innocent little kids in their kindergarten classrooms, where else could they be safe on this earth?

Is it in supermarkets, churches, entertainment centers, malls, subways, parks, and even hospitals where people seek treatments or cures and relief for their ailments? Some individuals have met their death faster in those places than on the street. What’s going on?

The Gun Epidemic Has Limited Our Freedom

Photo Credit: Natalie-Chaney via Unsplash
Photo Credit: Natalie-Chaney via Unsplash.

I’ve got news for you, nowhere in America is safe. Do you remember the school kid who sat in the back seat of his parent’s car, innocently eating his snacks and being hit by a bullet?

One may think not being on the street walking or wandering, but in the back seat of the car doing justice to his snack or sandwich would have been the safest place to be at that time.

But guess what, it wasn’t a haven at all for the small boy.

When Would It Be at the Right Place at the Right Time?

I’m Completely sick and tired of hearing about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! When would it ever be the right time and at the right place?

Analysis conducted in respect of gun shootings in America reveals that really speaking, “Things Are No Longer at Ease.”

The mass shootings across America from Buffalo, New York to Uvalde, Texas up to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, around the country to Georgia, Michigan, etc. …; have been one horror after another, as innocent people minding their own business are the victims of these massacres.

Senators Seek Common Ground on Guns, ‘Red Flag’ Laws Become a Focus.

“Once again, we see lives lost and people injured in yet another horrendous, brazen, and despicable act of gun violence,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement.

Yes, the mayor and senators can speak all they want, but what happens to the gun lobbyists? Of course, protected by the second amendment! Well, one can also say never would we have a gun-free or controlled society if the constitution stood in the way.

Back when this document was drafted, there were no AR rifles, handguns as well as bombs made out of plastique. I wouldn’t say I like autocratic government, but in situations where even our little ones are not safe to go to school, those gun lobbyists would have been hung or equally shot in any of those dictatorial regimes.

By the way, is democracy a hideout for some criminals?

How Gun Violence Has Left Our Society Bereaved

(According to the Gun Violence Archive, a group that tracks mass shootings), in 156 days, at least 246 mass shootings erupted throughout the US, equal to the epidemic of gun shootings.

Bullets tore apart a graduation party in South Carolina

· At least eight people were shot at a graduation party

· A 32-year-old woman was killed, while seven others were wounded.

· Six of the seven injured were age 17 or younger.

Multiple weekend shootings rattle Arizona

· A14 year-old girl was killed, and eight others were injured in a shooting at a Phoenix strip mall.

· Nine people were hospitalized

The Change that Would Never Come

· Two women were transported with life-threatening injuries

“Seems we can’t go a day without another mass shooting,” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego tweeted. “This time, it’s Phoenix, at 10th Ave & Hatcher. Time has run out. Change must happen now.”

· An early morning shooting outside a bar in Mesa left two people dead and two others injured.

Some 156 days into 2022, the country has now seen at least 246 shootings.

That puts the US on track for one of the deadliest years since the archive began tracking gun deaths. The site defines a mass shooting as any incident in which four or more people are killed or injured by a gun.

Racist attack at Buffalo, NY., supermarket, May 14

· The lives of 10 people taken

Since then, there have been at least four dozen mass shootings in the US, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive group.

That data includes the attack on Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that left nineteen students and two teachers dead.

Everything being equal, if we’ve lost so many souls just in 156 days of 2022, how many more are we expected to lose in the remaining 109 days before the close of the year?

The talk about gun control in America has reached a crescendo without corresponding action. Let’s walk the talk by forestalling the lives we’re losing every now and then.

Maybe it’s time to amend the Second Amendment to our great Constitution. They say that it could take years, so let’s start now and make something happen. God bless America.

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