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Not in vain they say rain falls in everybody’s door, no matter the person’s status in life. The rain concept holds true here with my almost encounter with would-be scammers. The criminals had knocked at my door and they almost got their pound of flesh from me if not for my pastor’s foresight.

The Shock of My Life

Guess what, my superhuman’s feelings vanished. The tendency that it might happen to others, but not to me mindset, ceased immediately. In fact, before now, I always felt to be the smartest guy in the room, and in a way, immune to this type of pranks (falling into a scammer’s den). But with this failed attempt, I had the shock of my life and an unpleasant surprise as it almost happened to me. From that time on, my eyes are cleared and I now respect other people’s views, weaknesses, and plight.

Scammers Might Hit at Any Time

It’s unfortunate, as scammers may strike at the worse time when you are less expected. And sometimes they hit when you are most pressed with solving some life’s issues. We learn every day, and sometimes in a hard way. How I hope that those problems would always leave us and make us stronger than they met us! The lessons we learn should be for life, knowing very well that in life there are tough times. And if you like, call it a period of torments when you find yourself in the valley where nothing seems to work. I do no longer criticize people who fall into scammers’ antics because I have learned my lessons.

How I Almost Fell in the Plot

That fateful day, as usual, I was navigating through my Gmail. After reading the priority messages, I discovered this other message was specifically sent to me with a very attractive subject title: “A Lottery Raffle.” The message was damned perfect. The English was polished and had no typo of any kind. The words were carefully chosen as round pegs in square holes.

The name and the signature at the foot-end of the message complemented the originality and authenticity of the information. By my assessment, the name sounded no less than that of Wall Street tycoon: Robert Stock. In addition to an impeccable signature. I decided to give it a quick read, and I could not believe my eyes for the amount of money involved. The story was about a dead grandfather who left a fortune in the bank for his grandson before he died, but because of the boy’s age, he could not claim his inheritance. So, he needed somebody of trust who could back him up until he gets control of the money and promised a substantial amount as compensation to the person who would render the service.

Why All Scammers Should Go to Hell

Yes, all scammers should go not only to hell but to the lake of fire because they play with people’s feelings and misfortunes. Scammers, when they are pursuing their dirty business, they do not want to know if the victim is poor or rich. Their mission so far is to reach their goals by all means. They are heartless, wicked, and all the worse stuff you can think of in this world.

Place of Meeting

The country of the meeting would have been the Netherlands. Without wasting time, I started doing some planning. Searched for flights that fly that destination. Figure out possible days to be away, cost of tickets, and hotels to stay. Before concluding my trip plan, I decided to confide in my pastor and I told him all about the lottery message I received and how I might be going to the Netherlands to meet with the unknown person. His first question made me catch a cold down my spine.

My Pastor’s Six Words of Wisdom

He said, “Did you play any lottery raffle?” and you can imagine what might have been my reply. Of course, my No seemed to wake me up from my slumber. That was my lesson for life, and never again would I trust or open and read messages, like: “Congratulations, You Won!” now so prevalent on the internet. Yes, my pastor saved my ass.



Pedro is a village boy for he was born in a village. He’s a granny’s product bc his grandmother trained him — man of many worlds who had lived on 3 continents.

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Pedro Odubayo Thompson

Pedro Odubayo Thompson

Pedro is a village boy for he was born in a village. He’s a granny’s product bc his grandmother trained him — man of many worlds who had lived on 3 continents.