Engage Your Enemies — Don’t Kill Them.

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
4 min readNov 6, 2022

This aligns with the “Easier said than done” mindset.

But come to think of it, if humans truly gave peace a chance, imagine how many issues that give us headaches and sleepless nights we would have solved.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.
Photo Credit: Pixabay.

That Trump romance with some of those tough guys was looked at from different quarters as madness.

Some people if only they had the chance, would have attempted to lynch him for eating and dining with what they perceived as devils. For they hated his gut and the straight face he puts on when doing his things.

I guess the man was just trying to implement a brand-new pattern. Maybe a way of thinking outside the box, right?

Trump kicked pragmatism down the street by keeping both his friends and enemies close. No doubt he achieved some success! We saw maybe for the very first time how Putin’s emissaries flooded Washington.

Well, like everything in life, some clapped for him, and others called him all sorts of names including a traitor.

For that Trump’s meeting with King Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam was historic in many ways.

People of the same inclination (remember birds of the same feather flock together?) were likely watching the events from their windows, though perhaps from a distance, praying and hoping that the day would soon come when they would become Trump’s friends.

If some of the bad guys had made the list, maybe they too could have been considered.

Unfortunately, for them, they were not so lucky as Trump left the White House (I don’t want to be harsh to Mr. President for saying he was thrown out of the WH considering the last-minute rush).

Nevertheless, the other guys’ wishes fell into the gutter or by the roadside as they couldn’t achieve their goals before Trump left office.

But wait a minute, who says they may not someday achieve their dreams?

They just have to pray harder because the GOP is fighting hard with Trump at the center and firing all their bullets at once. Yes, the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

A simple but golden rule many don’t want to honor. No wonder we run into problems everywhere we turn.

Imagine if we took the bull by the horn today and try to consider our most dangerous enemies our friends.

Do you remember that we’re told to pardon not only 7 times but 70x7? Come on, it’s humanly possible.

Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. Practice also makes possibility possible.

When they punch your right jaw, turn your left jaw as well, and obey.

Persuading Xi Jinping to promote human rights rather than coercing him is the most effective way to bring China closer. Let them do what is required by the rules.

Everyone knows China is America’s and by extension, the world’s workshop (this is too obvious for us to deny). You can find proof everywhere. Even the top-of-the-line underwear we wear is Chinese-made.

Those stone-headed leaders. Joke aside, China has its hands in every one of our pies — they work with, for, and in most cases, controlled by our greedy business tycoons who have become billionaires from China’s cheap products.

After all, they say the piper dictates the tune. If they’re not against us, they’re for us. Businesswise, I think they’re for us as long as the money keeps rolling.

The same holds for Russia, North Korea, and the rest of them. Trump tried to move closer to and draw some of these guys closer. For how long would that friendship have lasted? Only God would have known!

There was one thing for sure, however: while these stone-headed leaders were drinking coffee together, their missiles and annexation ambitions would likely have been idle for a while. Thus, giving the world some respite and peace.

The choice of friends depends on the political party in power.

Among the most burdensome aspects of American politics are the political parties. Each party chooses what they consider friendly and palatable both in form and taste before aligning.

At first, Democrats are likely to extend an olive branch to everyone. However, they would give real priority to our European allies and EU countries as superior partners, while others take second or third positions, according to relevance.

Republicans on the other hand, and most specifically in the Trumpism era, we saw how he tried frantically to bring some of the world’s troublemakers together as friends (Russia, and North Korea most notably).

However, leaving China far apart did not make sense to observers who understand what China brings to the table. China has been and will continue to be our workshop for some years to come.

That American-China partnership, let’s face it, has made quite a number of American companies richer.

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