Crime Galore in New York: What a Way of Welcoming a Mayor!

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
6 min readMay 9, 2022


Nothing can be further from the truth that Mayor Eric Adams has found his seat scorching since he assumed office.

Mayor Eric Adams, Gettyimages.
Mayor Eric Adams, Gettyimages.

Should the reason for this meltdown of law and order in the city that never sleeps be found at the door of a mayor who was a former corps?

And as a former transit police officer- turned mayor, he served the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for twenty-two years.

Are the Black and Brown the Stumbling Block to the Mayor’s Efforts?

But being a former corps of this great city should have been an additional advantage and not necessarily a detriment when it comes to turning the hand of the clock.

Unfortunately, the reality on the ground is entirely different from what anyone could have expected.

What beats my imagination is that most of these malaises emanate from “New York locals,” often from the black and brown population when it comes to crime.

Should it mean that this collection doesn’t want the mayor to succeed, or is there a political plot behind thescenes against such a dynamic and a man of good ideas, as you will soon discover from his bold steps and vision for NYC?

The Mayor’s Steadfastness and His Bold Mission for NYC.

Despite that, some miscreants have been in his way, trying to cause problems by robbing and disrupting the city’s smooth running; the mayor remains steadfast and focused as he boldly rolls out his plans for the city he loves and constantly invites everyone to love.

The mayor delivered his first State of the City speech at the historic Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. He reviewed the key achievements of his administration from his first 100 days in office. The mayors’ ambitious plans, among other things, are keyed into four big blogs as follows:

· Promote a fair and equitable recovery,

· lift our youth,

· invest in 21st-century infrastructure, and

· create a safer and more just city

The mayor also unveiled a balanced $99.7 billion executive budget for the fiscal year 2023 (FY23), which combines upstream investments with fiscally responsible measures, including budget reserves at $6.3 billion — the highest level in recent times in the city’s history.

“We are still in a time of profound concern — but the spirit of New York, and the people who call it home, will always endure,” said Mayor Adams.

As he shared his administration’s ambition to build on the achievements of his first 100 days and continue to ‘Get Stuff Done’ for everyday New Yorkers.

In the same vein, the mayor spoke about how the plan he was laying out will address the city’s intersecting crises with upslope investments focused on a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future.

The New York captain encouraged New Yorkers to start a new, hopeful chapter in New York City history and hoped they do it together.

The NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Green Queens photos.
The NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Green Queens photos.

Creating a Safer and a Just City for All.

Mayor Adams has repeatedly stressed that public safety and justice are the prerequisites to prosperity and must go hand in hand.

Months Ago, the mayor Rolled Out These Programs:

1.- His “Blueprint to End Gun Violence” lays out concrete steps at the city, state, and federal levels to stop the breed of gun violence.

2.-The following month, he released the “Subway Safety Plan,” a multiagency effort in partnership with the state to address public safety concerns and connect displaced people and those struggling with serious mental illness with the support they need.

As part of the city’s effort to address the ongoing gun violence crisis, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has taken the following steps:

· The Neighborhood Safety Teams were created and began to deploy to areas that account for 80 percent of all shootings citywide.

· The NYPD has removed nearly 2,300 guns from the streets since Mayor Adams took office.

Emergency Assistance Response Division (B-HEARD) initiative.

To build on these critical steps, the Mayor Adams’ administration announced additional resources for the Subway Safety Plan, which includes $55 million in FY23 to expand the Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division initiative — which deploys mental health professionals instead of law enforcement to respond in some instances to people experiencing mental health crises — to Central Brooklyn, Eastern Queens, and currently uncovered areas in the South Bronx.

The administration also proposes $171 million in FY23 to add 1,400 new Safe Haven and stabilization beds by mid-2023 to help unsheltered New Yorkers transition off the streets and out of the subway system into more stable housing.

Promoting an Equitable Recovery.

More than two years after the first COVID-19 case was detected in New York City (which afflicted the city ruthlessly), but since then, the city has faced an uneven recovery.

Mayor Adams is committed to building a fair, inclusive recovery for all New Yorkers, directly addressing the longstanding inequalities worsened by the pandemic. Several recent weeks ago, he joined elected officials and community leaders to celebrate:

1) The Enhancement of Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in the state budget, fulfilling his campaign pledge to bolster the social safety net and expand services for working families in New York City.

More than 800,000 families will receive help from this EITC increase, supported in part by the city’s $250 million annual commitment.

2) The mayor also unveiled his “Renew, Rebuild, Reinvent Economic Recovery,” which proposes 70 concrete initiatives to revitalize the city’s economy and get New Yorkers back to work.

The Doubling Down on Investments in the Burgeoning Life Sciences Industry Project.

A key recommendation called (the call for doubling down on investments in the burgeoning or flourishing life sciences industry). This project was revived as Mayor Adams announced a significant new partnership with Taconic, DivcoWest, and New York University to bring unused spaceto 455 First Avenue to support cutting-edge research, entrepreneurial training programs, and workforce development.

The New Space Online Project.

Together, these two projects will nearly double lab space in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan, helping cement it as a significant hub for the life science industry in New York City.

In addition, the administration is committing $140 million in capital funds beginning in FY23 for the Hunts Point Produce Market, which supplies 25 percent of the city’s fresh produce.

The funding is another critical part of the economic blueprint, which will have the following impacts on the city’s life.

i) Will help improve the facility’s surrounding infrastructure and neighborhood parks. Mayor Adams also announced —

ii) Help the University of New York train students for the most in-demand skills and connect them to good jobs at hiring companies.

To round up, all these projects show that the governor is doing more than his best to improve the lives of New Yorkers in all areas of their lives.

Despite the temporary challenges the city is going through, like the mayor, I also believe that New Yorkers will come out victorious as they heed the clarion call of their mayor to make the city a better place for all as they work together.

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