A Look At Yesterday’s Boys and Girls and the Making of Today’s Seniors.

Pedro Odubayo Thompson
3 min readAug 5, 2023

This life transformation typically takes place slowly, gradually, and consistently.

Credit Adobe Photos.
Credit Adobe Photos.

Of course, today’s seniors were once the boys and girls of yesterday. But with the passage of time, their lives changed for the better or for worse.

Oh, how time consumes people, transforming them from the pearls-like figures they used to be into a striking, old, weak, and delicate humans. And finally, sometimes they fizzle out into oblivion.

Seniors they say have traits similar to younger children. No wonder the saying that when one gets old, elders become like children. Though not always. It happens to some of us anyway.

Or how else will one explain when we see or remember how the quintessential of their time looked like when they were young: Queen Elizabeth, the Clintons, the George Bushes, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter.

Pelé (Edson Arantes do Nascimento), Michael Jordan, Meryl Streep,

Morgan Freeman, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, just to mention a few.

How young, handsome, and beautiful they were when young. Moreover, today, their pictures, photos, enable us to compare how slow or fast the wear-and-tear of aging fell on them. Everything put together, the memento speaks for itself.

Once, these seniors possessed uncommon looks, an otherworldly charm, and supernatural beauty that captivated those around them.

Their bodies, like impeccable and shiny celestial species, and cherished by all who laid eyes on them.

They carried themselves with grace and allure, akin to a carbon copy of divine entities on Earth.

Life illusions, aspirations, and the clarity of time.

Do you remember that there was a time in your life when you felt like the sky was the limit to your aspirations?

And that you could as well jump and touch the sky with your bare hands! But today, in your maybe three score or little more+ years, you can now see things more clearly. And that all you imagined before was just a shadow and a daydreaming!

The accumulation of riches, tokens of success and memories.

As these seniors’ lives unfolded, they accumulated riches and precious ornaments, becoming the envy of many.

The assets may not have been just material possessions, but tokens of their life’s journey, symbols of success and achievements, and memories of cherished moments.

Their worldly possessions and accomplishments may have been carefully treasured, reflecting their status and prosperity.

However, life has its course, and unexpectedly, a day comes when everything changes abruptly.

The bustling energy of their youth subsides, and their bodies, once strong and vibrant, gradually succumb to the inevitable effects of time.

The once active and agile bodies now embrace the wisdom and experience of age, bearing witness to the stories they have lived.

A tapestry of experiences and contribution toward the grand narrative of humanity.

Today, as they reminisce about their youthful days, there is nostalgia for those good times and years that will never return.

Memories flood their minds, and they recall those moments they were dancing like stars on iconic stages like “Dancing with the Stars.”

They remember the adrenaline rush of flying high in sports like Simone Biles (the one and all and renown acrobat) or sprinting like Usain Bolt, as fast as a speeding train.

They fondly recall the masters of basketball, the likes of Lebron James and others…, whose skills on the court left spectators in awe.

Their lives have been a tapestry of experiences, achievements, and connections.

They have seen the world change and evolve in ways they could never have imagined.

They have witnessed history unfold before their eyes and have contributed their part to humanity.

Reminiscing youthful days, nostalgia, and memories.

As they look back with nostalgia and perhaps a hint of longing, they take solace in the wisdom they have gained over the years.

They know that though those youthful days may never return, the memories, lessons, and experiences live on within them, enriching their present and shaping their future.

Final thoughts, today’s seniors, once the boys and girls of yesterday, are the living testament to the beauty of a life well-lived.

They are the guardians of a treasure trove of memories, a living bridge between the past and the future.

And as they continue their journey, they carry with them the legacy of a life that has been both ordinary and extraordinary, a life that has been truly lived.

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